October 25, 2021

Announcing the 9 teams who joined Lab2Launch this fall.

Woman with brown hair in a Lab.

Pictured: Woman with short brown hair in a lab with a white coat, blue mask and blue gloves looking at a sample.

Twice a year entrepreneurship@UBC recruits a cohort of research-based venture teams ready to translate their discoveries into impact in Lab2Launch

Working with UBC researchers and scientists who are focusing on the translation of a scientific or technological innovation which is unique, proprietary and transformative, Lab2Launch helps propel venture teams through business model validation, venture creation, team building, investment and growth. 

There is a critical need for disruptive, innovation-based companies that will help transform our world for the better in the next decade. This new cohort is representative of the global call to action on climate, health and social challenges fuelled by entrepreneurship and innovation. Founders hail from a wide range of UBC faculties and departments including the School of Population and Public Health, the School of Biomedical Engineering, the Faculty of Applied Science and more, ready to take their innovation to the next level through venture creation. 

Meet our newest cohort of Lab2Launch ventures:


AIMA  is transforming the way menstrual pain is managed by developing a new generation of pain management systems. 


AvaShip enables intelligent and green maritime vessels by providing a digital platform that optimizes key vessel operations in real-time.

Dynamic Mirage

Dynamic Mirage provides content creators with the tools to capture, process, and publish interactive parallax visualizations for immersive and engaging experiences in communication, marketing, education, and art.


Halitra identifies energy saving opportunities of up to 30% in small commercial buildings – without replacing any equipment or requiring costly building management systems. 


Isolatrix is democratizing next-generation genomic sequencing for AI-assisted disease research and drug development, to transform our understanding of developmental biology, regenerative medicine, and diseases such as cancer.

Orka Water Inc

Orka is eliminating single-use bottled water by developing an app-enabled network of safe, touchless and connected water re-fill stations accessible throughout indoor public places. 

Quipo Health

Quipo eliminates clinic inefficiencies and optimizes efficacy and revenue by providing an integrated cloud based clinic management platform that works with any EMR


One in 15 babies in high income countries are born with low birthweight, leading to infant health issues and chronic conditions like diabetes in adulthood.  SmartMom provides expecting parents the right information at the right time during pregnancy, to educate and inform the health of mom and baby. 

Spire Health Tech 

Spire is developing a breath sampler to harness the rich health information in exhaled breath, providing a transformative diagnostic platform to save and improve lives.

Congratulations, and welcome to all of the new teams!

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