November 4, 2021

Meet the ‘Ones-to-Watch’ at our 2021 Venture Showcase

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After a record round of submissions, we are overjoyed to welcome the following 13 teams to our Ones-to-Watch category at the 2021 Venture Showcase! Happening November 24th in person at UBC Robson Square and online via livestream,  this is the must-attend event of the season.

These ventures are up and coming companies who are part of our incubator program, finding solutions to issues across climate, human health, social impact, technology and more. 

They will be delivering 1 minute pre-recorded pitches as well as hosting a booth at the event to demonstrate their solution and connect with you, our community. 

Meet the teams below and register for the event today! Stay tuned, our Sneak-a-Peek and HATCH Ready-to-Raise ventures are set to be announced in the coming days. 


Alleviate Labs 

At Alleviate Labs, we're on a mission to improve relationships, one conversation at a time! We provide practice opportunities for difficult conversations using live simulations with professional actors who can recreate challenging workplace scenarios. 

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Beam AI 

At Beam AI, we are developing advanced technologies for measuring vital signs (such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and breathing rate) using a 15-second selfie video from widely available smartphone cameras. Our technology will be available both through a consumer app for personal use and as an API/SDK for integration in enterprise settings.

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Bee My Guest 

Bee My Guest is a plant-based delivery service in Vancouver with meals from 12+ small businesses. Our vision is to combat climate change through food - inspiring people to eat more plants through convenient options from around the world. We’re also passionate about empowering local, small businesses who are frequently challenged by fragmented marketing and messy delivery logistics. 

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Biba Cancer Research Foundation 

Biba Cancer Research Foundation (aka BibaCRF) is a not-for-profit organization in Biba’s (Areeba’s) memory who passed away from brain cancer. BibaCRF and its affiliates are dedicated to discovering and researching cancer therapies and aiming for their clinical translation and commercialization to reach the clinic and benefit cancer patients to improve their survival outcomes, especially for brain and other hard-to-treat cancers.

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We're transitioning the world from a debt based economy to an asset backed one.

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Canadian buildings account for 22% of emissions and need decarbonization in order to avert a climate catastrophe in less than thirty-years. Halitra cuts the costs of building tune ups in ½ and service times by 80% without the need for costly building controls.


At Isolatrix, we are creating a benchtop cell handling instrument for enabling next generation genomics sequencing workflows. Bringing smart machine learning guided solutions, we provide an uncompromising solution for high precision, high throughput single cell sample preparation, meeting the stringent demands in terms of both quality and scale required for today’s big data driven processes. 

Messen Furniture

Messen Furniture is on a mission to make stunningly beautiful and completely customizable furniture a convenient option for everyone. We are developing a proprietary 3D customization tool that allows customers to tailor our unique furniture designs to their exact needs including: width, depth, height, a trim cutout (to accommodate baseboards) and from 11 different colours. We then partner with local manufacturers to produce a high quality, Canadian made and sourced product in three weeks or less.

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Nano Tech Innovation

Nano Tech offers a unique liquid, easily sprayed/brushed on the surface of rusted metal and convert into a protective coating which halts the existing rust and prevents future corrosion.

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RecognAIse Technologies

RecognAIse Technologies tackles the problems with aging electrical transmission infrastructure, especially in a world with growing electrical needs. We offer utilities and inspection companies automated inspection of Optical, Infra-red, Multispectral, Corona, Magnetic Imagery, and Video streams. This is achieved by Industry Experts being closely involved with the training of the AI algorithm, producing reliable, repeatable results. 

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Soulect is a personal development community that uses the collective power of conscious, driven people to reach their highest potential, together. It’s a space to be held accountable to the grand vision you have created for your life, and to form deep, meaningful friendships with like-minded people in the process. 

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UVX helps senior homes continuously disinfect air and surfaces, without disrupting operations. They have developed a smart ceiling device that uses a form of UV light, that unlike conventional UV, is safe for humans but still deadly for pathogens. Their technology has shown to be 180,000-times safer than sunlight and validated for efficacy against pathogens causing infections like Influenza, Pneumonia, COVID-19, and many more. 

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Wicked Rose

Wicked Rose develops high performance and environmentally conscious activewear that helps women in martial arts train comfortably and challenge themselves in a traditionally male dominated sport.

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