October 28, 2021

Meet the 16 new CORE ventures who joined our community this fall.

Man in makerspace

Photo: Man sitting at a workbench in the HATCH Makerspace.

This fall, we were pleased to welcome a new cohort of 16 CORE ventures into our vibrant community of UBC entrepreneurs. CORE is for ventures driving innovation through disruptive technologies, ideas and trends, helping early-stage entrepreneurs focus on achieving product-market fit and preparing for investment and growth.

Ventures a part of CORE are a reflection of emerging industries we see today, and this cohort is no different: from advance tech like blockchain and business solutions to ventures answering health, climate and social crises, these ventures represent the future of our society. 

Founders hail from across our UBC community including Sauder, the Faculty of Applied Science, the Faculty of Education and more, demonstrating the range of ventures being brought into the world through entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Meet our newest cohort of CORE ventures:

Angel Glasses

Angel Glasses is giving blind people the ability to easily connect to support by bringing assistive technology into the 21st century.

Beam AI

Beam AI is developing advanced technologies for measuring vital signs (e.g. heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, breathing rate and body temperature) from a 15-second selfie video captured by widely available smartphone cameras.


BobaBot is creating the world's first at-home bubble tea machine, similar to an espresso machine.


Dawn is a mobile app for finding friends where UBC students can connect and chat while knowing only about each other's interests.


GoBazzinga is creating a challenge-based blockchain platform that rewards its users for creating, speculating on and engaging with content.


InsureEd provides affordable course insurance to all undergraduate students against the possibility of failing a course promising them with the financial security they deserve.


Loyalty is a digital solution for loyalty-based system for small and medium businesses.

Lunge Systems

Lunge is building a technology framework that enables people and companies to manage their priorities by quantifying the time tradeoffs and codifying the existing wisdom.

Mental Wealth

Mental Wealth is creating Mirth, the mental health app for students and professionals.

One AI Cloud 

One AI Cloud is creating customized software development for educational institutions, helping them beautify and organize teaching materials, design knowledge base to support adaptive/personalized learning, automate the teaching workflow, build their online website, server or offline computer programs which performs AI education jobs.

Rescued Glass

Rescued Glass collects used glass bottles and locally up-cycle them in our microfactory to create new products.

Spacious Mirror

Spacious Mirror is improving how instructors connect remotely with students by creating a blended classroom that allows for retroprojection, a way for instructors and students to see oneself in a shared space. 


Stamp is the marketplace for musicians and music supervisors that effectively lands placements by combining the security of fully licensed music with the benefits of social networking functions.


SWAP is a web-app solution that connects consumers to recycling and re-selling organizations to redirect their unwanted clothes while rewarding them with discount coupons in return.


Vibe is a video-chat based matchmaking application creating a safe, fun and spontaneous online environment where people can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world in real conversations.


Wavy is the event based social media platform which allows you to see trending events, groups going to them, and hangouts other people are organizing. 

Congratulations, and welcome to all of the new teams!

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