Iris Automation

INDUSTRY: Robotics

Iris Automation Inc is a high tech computer vision company that is working to build revolutionary new ways for drones and unmanned systems to see and navigate within the world. Currently, industrial drone systems are not trusted to fly beyond-line-of-sight or be completely autonomous; they are changing that by giving them the ability to intelligently see and react to the physical world. Their product is a sophisticated computer vision algorithm packaged into a physical, plug-and-play perception unit which is being sold directly to manufacturers and adds tremendous value to their systems as it enables them to overcome regulatory, insurance, trust and safety issues. The team has worked together in the drone industry for the last three years, and combines experience from NASA, Boeing, Airbus, and other tech startups.

The team has recently closed the first half of their seed round with investors from San Francisco and are on track to finish off the round here in Vancouver in the next two weeks!