INDUSTRY: Communications, Technology, Telecommunications FINANCING: Financed, Seed Fund

Encepta performs field surveys of distributed infrastructure assets for operators of telecommunication and utility networks. Encepta has developed proprietary data collection tools and an advanced survey management solution that they employ to generate timely and highly accurate data records relating to the state of a customer’s physical network infrastructure.

The genesis of Encepta can be traced back to an entrepreneurial initiative supported by the Alacrity Foundation http://alacrityfoundation.com. Alacrity connects recent business and engineering graduates with real world industrial problems and provides the financial and advisory support to allow these individuals to devise, engineer and execute on business solutions that address these problems. Co-founders Devan Bouchard (UVIC/UBC) and Hadi Firouzi (UBC) launched Encepta through working with Alacrity and the company has gone on to secure a range of contracts with high profile customers. Encepta then went on to raise investment capital from the e@UBC Seed Fund, Wesley Clover and angel investors.