Coho Data

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Previously known as, Coho Data is enabling businesses of all sizes to build their own high performance web-scale storage for their private cloud. Inspired by the highly scalable, commodity-hardware based approaches of public clouds, the company is developing the first flash-tuned scale-out storage architecture designed for private clouds that delivers unparalleled performance and simplified management at public cloud capacity pricing.

Once working from the e@UBC Startup Space at the University of British Columbia, Coho Data raised $10 million in 2012 and $25 million in Series B funding in November 2013. Coho Data was founded in 2011, and is led by founders with decades of deep storage and virtualization experience. Funded by Andreessen Horowitz and Ignition Partners, the company has offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and Sunnyvale, California.

Andrew Warfield, CTO and Co-founder at Coho Data is an assistant professor in computer science at UBC.  Of the company’s hiring for product development, he stated in a 2012 Vancouver Sun article:

With my ties into the university, I know a lot of Canadian academics that have great graduate students that are interested in staying in Canada rather than going to the States… It’s nice to be able to offer the excitement of a Valley enterprise start-up but let people stay in Vancouver to do it.”