Vancouver Sun: Vancouver entrepreneur mines tech solutions for struggling industry

Published on Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Vancouver Sun article on UBC-affiliated startup, MineSense

VANCOUVER — Numbered rocks sitting on a table in the MineSense workshop in south Vancouver are a microcosm of the challenges faced by the global mining industry, and of Andrew Bamber’s opportunity.

The rocks — from mines in B.C. and Chile — look similar, but in fact some are waste, and others contain valuable gold or copper.

Determining the difference is the key to profits for mining companies, and it is what Bamber’s technology company specializes in.

The British-born entrepreneur is founder and chief executive of MineSense, whose real-time sensor technology allows mining companies to better separate metal-bearing ore from waste rock during the mining process.

“The idea is to identify and eliminate waste as early as possible,” he said. “It adds massive value to the mine operation.”

MineSense emerged out of Bamber’s PhD research on high-tech mining efficiencies at the University of B.C.

MineSense products include ShovelSense, which fits into existing shovels and buckets and evaluates ore using electromagnetics and X-ray technology, and SortOre, which uses technology on a conveyor system to separate ore from waste rock and divert each to separate piles. The ShovelSense technology is being piloted with BHP, one of the world’s largest miners, at open-pit copper operations in Chile.

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