UBC Tech Incubator Welcomes New Group of Startups

Published on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

HATCH ventures

Eight new startups have joined HATCH, UBC’s on-campus incubator for UBC-affiliated technology ventures. Among the 2017/2018 cohort are ventures that offer:

  1. sensors and software to manage and prevent sports team injuries and promote team performance and success,
  2. automated umbrella rentals,
  3. bike parking services,
  4. rapidly deployable, scalable solar energy systems,
  5. artificial intelligence software for drone flight path planning, damage recognition and inspection of vertical infrastructure,
  6. software that simplifies human animation for everything from simulation to virtual reality,
  7. a revolutionary nanonet technology that removes oil cheaply and simply from sand and earth, and
  8. next-generation joint support technologies integrated into everyday clothing.

By providing these promising ventures with guidance, a community and the physical tools/infrastructure  to develop and optimize their technologies and businesses, HATCH aims to position them to succeed in the fast-moving, ultra-competitive tech sector.

This year’s HATCH startups span disciplines such as engineering, biochemistry and computer science. Embrace Orthopaedics, for example, has created advanced joint supports that not only reduce joint pain, but also promote proper joint movement and rehabilitation through muscle feedback. Although chronic joint pain affects over 70 million adults in Canada and the United States — including Embrace CEO Zack Eberwein (BAsc ’17, Mechanical Engineering) and his fellow co-founders — existing treatment options are limited to bulky and uncomfortable braces that people often buy, but forego using due to their complexity and lack of comfort.

“With HATCH’s support — a collaborative environment to work in and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs — we’ll progress further and more efficiently than we would without it,” says Eberwein. “I feel really fortunate to be a part of this amazing community and am excited to take Embrace to the next level.”

Established just one year ago by UBC’s Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems and entrepreneurship@UBC, HATCH has attracted high-caliber startups from the very beginning. Already armed with initial prototypes and product market fit, these ventures are now looking to ready their products and businesses for launch. The results: more jobs, improved quality of life and significant positive social, economic and environmental impact around the world.

For more information about HATCH and its ventures, please visit A full list of the HATCH 2017/2018 cohort members may also be found below.

HATCH COHORT 2017/2018


Aeriosense provides UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) automation software to organizations involved in inspection of electric power lines.


Anomotion’s Motion Composer provides artificial intelligence-based natural motion technology to produce the most realistic character motion on the market today.

Cambridge Energy Partners

Cambridge Energy Partners is making distributed solar energy more affordable and accessible to industrial operations globally, commercializing the world’s first large-scale solar energy system that is modular, redeployable and tracks the sun.


Carbonet’s proprietary water purification process can efficiently remove a broad spectrum of contaminants from water.

Embrace Orthopaedics

Embrace Orthopaedics is developing technologies that enable active individuals to rehabilitate joint injuries more effectively, allowing them to engage in activity without the limitations of joint pain.


Mazdis’s secure automated bicycle parking system decreases building construction cost, optimizes land usage and eliminates theft while providing more efficient bicycle parking experience.


Pathonix is revolutionizing the way athletes train and perform by using textile-integrated sensors to provide real-time insights into what is happening in their muscles.


UmbraCity brings rainy communities to life and creates a more livable, sustainable and sharable world. UmbraCity is a network of smart, automated umbrella rental kiosks, allowing users to borrow umbrellas when needed, and return at any time.