The Alinker® Launches Indiegogo Campaign in North America

Published on Friday, April 22, 2016


Richmond, BC – The Alinker Inventions Ltd. is excited to announce the launch of the Alinker® R-volution, a radically different walking aid for people with mobility challenges. The product has been launched in North America via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on Friday the 22nd of April , 2016.

The Alinker is designed for everyone who wants to stay active, regardless of mobility challenges due to age, illness, or injury. Unlike traditional mobility devices, whose primary purpose is to transport a body from one location to another, the Alinker is designed to improve the health and wellness of the users, by allowing them to stay physically and socially engaged, no matter what.

The Alinker allows users to sit upright with good posture, feel safe and stable. Users are at eye level with others with free range of motion in the upper body. With handles for additional support and no stress on the lower limbs, the users propel forward using their own legs.

Barbara Alink is a Dutch designer, architect, humanitarian, and the inventor of the Alinker.
The Alinker challenges the assumptions we have about people with disabilities and is a catalyst for shifting our mindsets regarding wellness and health.

“I set out to design a better walking aid for my mum, then I realized that it needed to be a vehicle for social change”- Barbara Alink

“The Alinker is the most significant technological improvement to my life, since the computer”- John Perry Barlow

The Indiegogo campaign will run for 40 days. Supporters are invited to purchase an Alinker directly through the campaign or contribute to donating Alinkers to others in need.

For more information about the Alinker launch campaign, visit

The Alinker was first launched in the Netherlands in 2015. The founding team was selected as 1 of 6 social ventures as part of the Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub at UBC Sauder School of Business in early 2016. Barbara, the founder, is also a speaker at TEDxEastVan 23rd April and is invited to pitch in the Dragon’s Den.

About the Alinker Inventions Ltd.
The Alinker creates revolutionary solutions for people with mobility challenges to live an active life. At The Alinker Inventions Ltd., the values of respect, dignity and freedom are embedded in our DNA, and in our flagship product the Alinker R-volution. Together we move differently.

To learn more about the Alinker, please contact: Barbara Alink, CEO, Founder and Inventor,
M: +1 778 228 9618