Shnarped Builds Awareness and Verified Players

Published on Friday, May 30, 2014

Shnarped logo

Shnarped, an app that connects fans to athletes, appeared on Dragon’s Den for a second time with Kevin O’leary to pitch to Mark Cuban of the NBA. Following a tough interview, Dustin Sproat and his team rallied and were able to secure more investors and fans as a result of the broadcast.

Two of the three team members, Dustin Sproat and Kamil Sikorski, are UBC MBA graduates while the third, Kyle Hagel, plays for the Phoenix Coyotes affiliated team, the Portland Pirates. Shnarped utilized e@UBC’s Startup Space and mentor network through Paul Cubbon, and was able to secure investments to further their venture into the Vancouver community.

For more info on Shnarped check here:

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