Register For BCIC-New Ventures Competition

Published on Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Learn how UBC startups have utilized entrepreneurship@UBC resources to succeed at the BCIC New Ventures Competition

The BCIC-New Ventures Competition, an annual challenge where early-stage startups compete for up to $300,000 in prizes, is now open for applications! Participants attend 12 education and networking events, work with BCIC mentors, and compete in three rounds of judging until ten remain to compete for over $300,000 in cash & prizes. Last year three e@UBC ventures took home three of the five top prizes.

e@UBC registered ventures Aspect Biosystems, Metamixis, and Nanozen Technologies leveraged their knowledge from the Lean LaunchPad program and the expert advice they received at Open Office to succeed in the New Ventures Competition.

“We’re grateful for our experience with e@UBC’s Lean LaunchPad program as it helped us collect meaningful industry information about our venture in advance of the New Ventures Competition, which we could share with the mentors that we were teamed up with at BCIC,” said Cam Strachan, CTO and Founder of MetaMixis

“I would definitely recommend to anyone who is participating in this competition to use e@UBC’s Open Office to give them the roadmap they will need to succeed, as well as the practice time to hone their investment pitch.” said Dr. Winnie Chu, CTO and Founder of Nanozen Environmental.

BCIC continually supports the startup community in Vancouver and helps to accelerate commercialization by providing technology entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to build successful companies. BCIC and e@UBC’s partnership closes the gap between early stage ventures and successful companies in Vancouver, raising the bar of top quality ventures in multiple industries. e@UBC ventures are perfectly situated for this type of competition and can leverage the extensive programs and mentor network e@UBC provides to give them that extra edge they might need to succeed.

Ready to kick-start your venture? Apply to the competition here, then book a meeting for Open Office to gain access to experienced EiR’s and prepare to succeed at this years New Venture Competition!

The deadline to apply is April 14th.