Venture Builder

e@UBC’s Venture Builder program is for selected high-potential ventures that have demonstrated product-market fit and need to accelerate building their business plan towards creating an operating business.


Ventures are assigned to an e@UBC entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) dedicated to company building, who will provide intensive hands-on coaching and guidance to help the venture plan and execute on the activities necessary to achieve their most critical strategic objectives.


Successful Venture Builder ventures will be prepared for seed financing, for strategic partnerships, a proof of concept with a strategic customer, a regulatory process for human health ventures, or whatever value creation milestones are most important for the venture.


Terms of reference for invited teams:

  • Time limited
  • Must be committed to take action on work
  • Must meet with the EIR on the agreed schedule
  • Continuation is at sole discretion of the EIR

Want to know how you can engage with the Venture Builder program? Email us:

Venture Builder

Venture Builder provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to work intensively with Entrepreneurs-In-Residence and mentors, to help ventures to prepare for financing and growth