e@UBC Accelerator Program


e@UBC’s Lean LaunchPad Accelerator program will help teams with innovative venture ideas to greatly improve the odds of building a successful venture. Participants will apply an evidence-based approach to developing their new venture by generating business model hypotheses, testing those with end users and others in the ecosystem, and validating, eliminating, or pivoting hypotheses. The ultimate outcome is a validated business model for your team’s venture – the most critical initial step in the startup journey.

In this five session program, you and your team members will participate in a fast-paced environment with the guidance of world-class entrepreneurial educators and experienced industry mentors. Successful teams emerge with a clear and validated understanding of their business model and the market, and are then ready to focus on the next stage of the startup journey, company building. A maximum of 10 teams will be accepted and slots fill up quickly, so apply now!

Program Description

This is not a theory or textbook course. You’ll conduct dozens of interviews in your industry ecosystem, pursuing the customer discovery and validation process. You’ll create a network of valuable contacts in your industry, and develop a defensible business model you can take to potential customers, business partners and investors.

Your team must attend all five LLP sessions, and be prepared to do the necessary work between sessions. You and your team will be “getting out of the building” and interviewing potential customers, partners, and other relevant players in your ecosystem, to test your business hypotheses. Successful teams will perform 10-15 interviews per week between sessions throughout the Accelerator program.

Each session will be a “flipped classroom” setting with up to ten teams. During the sessions, you will work on activities to formulate and test your business model hypotheses. Your team will present the evolution of your business model, and the facilitators and mentors will challenge your assumptions and findings throughout the process.

How to Apply

  1. If you haven’t already, register your venture here, and apply in the venture dashboard
  2. Ventures will be contacted for interviews in the four-week period prior to session start

Applications must be fully complete in order to be reviewed!

Program Details

Accelerator Times and Location

The Accelerator program includes five sessions spread out over a month. Attendance at all five sessions is mandatory. Teams will also be invited to attend a two hour preparation workshop and will be notified shortly.

The Accelerator program will be held on UBC Point-Grey campus. The learning lab location will be announced prior to session start.

Who’s Eligible?

Teams from the UBC community (faculty, staff, student and alumni) are all eligible to apply, and need to be registered with e@UBC. Each team must have at least two people, and commit to attending all five sessions.

Program cost

e@UBC invests in making UBC ventures successful. There is no cost to your team for this program.

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