UBC’s Featured Ventures

UBC's ventures span multiple industries, and are part of a connected entrepreneurial community.


3point Science

3D geologic models

3point Science enables technical specialists to communicate their complicated 3D geologic models to managers and colleagues through efficient web-based collaborations.


A&K Robotics

Autonomous robots for light industrial use

A&K Robotics is developing an intelligent and mobile autonomous navigation platform for light industrial use, incorporating technology in the fields of robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence.



UV-LED Technology for Water Purification

Acuva develops compact and inexpensive to operate water purification solutions.

Anandia Labs

Anandia Labs

Creating the next-generation of medical cannabis

Anandia Labs Inc is using genomics, high-throughput metabolite analysis and modern breeding approaches to create the next-generation of medical cannabis varieties with optimized therapeutic properties.

Arbutus Medical

Arbutus Medical

Helping aid orthopedic surgery

Arbutus Medical is a surgical equipment company developing innovative devices for use in developing countries, disaster relief, and other low-resource environments.


Aspect Biosystems

Improving Drug Testing

Developing a novel bioprinting system for the fabrication of 3D biological tissue constructs. This enables more realistic and representative responses to drug testing.


Birch Biomedical

Treatment of fibrosis and autoimmune diseases

A UBC spin-off, BirchBioMed holds the exclusive, worldwide, non-perpetual pharmaceutical license from UBC for two medical therapeutic technologies that mark significant medical breakthroughs in the treatment of fibrosis (scarring) and certain autoimmune diseases.



Support for seniors aging at home

CareCrew is a mobile app developed for families to help support seniors aging at home.

Clinicbook Logo


OpenTable for Clinics

Cloud based appointment booking and management solution for dental and allied healthcare clinics. Helps patients find and book last minute appointments, and lets clinics maximize the utilization rate of their service professionals.


Coastline Market

Connecting restaurants and retail buyers with fresh, local seafood

Connecting Restaurants With Traceable, Local and Fresh ingredients, Direct From the Source


Coho Data

Rethinking Data Storage

Coho’s mission is to free enterprise customers from the cost and complexity of today’s monolithic storage architecture and enable them to focus on their data and applications.



Drive Sales With Customer Insights

DRIVE is an interactive customer retention software platform that provides better insights into the needs of customers and employees



Glucose Monitoring App

Docto can calculate the blood glucose levels of Type I Diabetes patients one hour in advance.

Eagle Energy

Eagle Energy

Disposable Caffeine Vaporizer

Eagle Energy brings a new twist on how to consume an energy drink


Elix Wireless Charging Systems

Electrical Wireless Power Transfer

Elix is commercializing a new method of electrical wireless power transfer, which avoids the potential health risks associated with high frequency electromagnetic fields.



Infrastructure Field Surveys

Encepta performs rapid and highly accurate field surveys of distributed infrastructure assets.


ExcelSense Technologies

Cameras with Breakthrough Self-Cleaning Technology

Develop cameras to self-clean against the common contaminants in harsh industrial environments, with no scheduled maintenance necessary.


Extem Bioscience

Isolate and expand adult stem cells

Extem specializes in the rapid isolation and mass production of adult stem cells.



Matching Service for Footwear

3-D foot measuring app that makes buying shoes online easy


GenXys Health Care Systems

Pharmacogenetic test that identifies genetic variations

GenXys Healthcare Systems offers pharmacogenetic testing (myPGx) and a medication decision support system (TreatGx) to consumers and primary health care professional to help you decide which medications and dosage will work best for you

Iris Only

Iris Automation

Unlock Your Drone’s Potential

Enabling safer drone operation through intelligent collision avoidance. Iris is a perception unit comprised of a camera, computer, and smart software. Together these bring intelligent situational awareness to all levels of drone operation.



Pipeline Leak Detection

Illusense provides leak detection systems enabling pipeline operators to make more informed decisions.


Microbiome Insights

Auditing the human microbiome

Genetic testing and analysis services to support better insight into the ecosystem of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes that make their home in, and around, the human body.



Hollow Microneedle Technology

Microdermics’ hollow microneedle platform provides a reliable, painless, and cost-effective means of delivering therapeutics and vaccines.

MTT Innovation logo

MTT Innovation

Imaging Technologies

MTT Innovation is developing exciting new imaging technologies for the entertainment and consumer markets.

Nanozen logo


Accurate Wearable Particle Sensors

Nanozen develops accurate, lightweight sensors to monitor harmful airborne particles in industrial settings.


NZ Technologies

Spatially aware devices

NZ Technologies creates intuitive human-computer interfaces with patented 3D sensing algorithms that enable touchless control of contemporary devices in the operating room, for use by interventional Radiologists and Surgeons.



Rugged Unmanned Machines

RIGID ROBOTICS is an innovative robotics company seeking to provide rugged unmanned solutions to a range of challenges in today’s industrial and commercial world, with applications in border security, port security, critical asset protection, and more.


Sensible Building Science

Advanced analysis for occupancy analytics

Making buildings work by setting new standards in the indoor environment, leading to better occupant health, comfort and improved performance

Tait Labs Logo

Tait Laboratories

Innovative Health Solutions

Tait Laboratories focuses on innovative and affordable natural health solutions.



Tangoo is a restaurant marketing company, delivering turnkey social media marketing campaigns through food influencers and digital strategies


Target Tape

Tape for Surgical Procedures

Developing a unique disposable, adhesive tape incorporating a radiopaque grid for use in surgical procedures, improving precision and reducing surgical errors.



Natural Bed Bug Control

Safe, non-toxic materials for effective and natural bed bug control.


VanAir Design

Sustainable Building

VanAir Design is an engineering design company that specializes in interior building products.