MySkillBase Pitch to US Secretary of Commerce

Published on Monday, March 24, 2014

Penny Pritzker, US Secretary of Commerce talking to the MySkillBase Co-Founders (right to left Ryan Booth, Jake Ford (standing) and Justin Goodhew.
Photo credit: Mary Ducharme

Caption: Penny Pritzker, US Secretary of Commerce meeting with MySkillBase Co-Founders.

Congratulations to MySkillBase who recently had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the US Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker. She echoed the team’s values and was enthusiastic about their product vision. Both would like to better bridge education to the labour market using tools that will help new graduates find career opportunities that are right for them. The team’s new product, called Blue Perch is redefining the way people search for jobs. Through a simple mobile interface it personalizes the experience to fit each individual’s needs during their job search. They are gearing up to launch in April!

The MySkillBase team first began at a Start-Up Weekend held at UBC; their goal, to build a business in a weekend. After that experience they were hooked. They joined the e@UBC Accelerator program, and in between classes and exams they began building, creating and most of all learning fast. Five months later, after two pivots (idea changes), they created the MySkillBase concept and showed it to advisors who loved what they were doing. With that validation they kept growing, and continued the momentum pitching to win a finalist spot at a November 2013 startup showdown, presented by Plug and Play Tech Centre in Silicon Valley in California. From the 100 businesses who applied, they were one of 4 finalists to receive an offer for investment and incubation. And so the team has relocated to Silicon Valley to continue learning and to develop their business.

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