Meet Tim Swanson: Executive-in-Residence (and our Recruiter-in-Residence)

Published on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Meet Tim Swanson

Startups know how hard it is to recruit top talent. Early stage startups come with limited brand exposure, so how can we help startups attract top talent that are essential for accelerating a venture forward?

e@UBC is proud to have Tim Swanson join our team of experienced EIRs, with a specific focus on helping our startups recruit talent. With over 25 years in recruiting for leadership roles in both early stage start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies, Tim brings an unique perspective in how to build teams. Fun fact: You can converse with Tim in Japanese, as he spent half of his career in helping global companies build teams in Tokyo.

Tim brings a wealth of experience to help UBC ventures excel, and we’re excited to introduce him to our community.
You’re our first Recruiter-in-Residence. What is the problem that your role will help solve?

I connect people. My whole career has been about meeting and connecting people to solve challenges. At the root of every success and every failure, is an interaction between people. As a recruiter for over 25 years with a vast array of companies, I have been called in to fix failures and build successful teams. As a result, I have seen a lot of people-problems and people-successes. I hope to pass along what I have learned to help ‘entrepreneurials’ build successful teams and avoid people problems.

What inspires you to work as an Executive-in-Residence at e@UBC?

Building and launching companies from UBC has the potential to be an enormous economic engine for Canada. It is the opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of the team that helps build the engine. Also, opportunity to work with highly motivated people launching companies every day is energizing.

What has been keeping you busy since you’ve been here?

I have been opening up my network to help companies build leadership teams and to connect with potential customers as well. I have worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of people over the years so I am keen to share my connections, knowledge and insights.

Are you an entrepreneur interested in speaking with Tim? Message us at to find out how.