Vancity Buzz: Love looks better on paper – JustGreet

Published on Thursday, December 03, 2015


Vancity Buzz article featuring UBC-affiliated venture, JustGreet

How excited do you get when you receive mail that wasn’t a bill – you know, actual, hold-in-your-hands, sealed-in-an-envelope, dropped-at-your-doorstep kind of mail?

When was the last time you felt this excitement? Was it a birthday card – florals, pastels, the works – from your grandma, accompanied by a $50 cheque? A thank you card from a buddy’s wedding you attended last spring? Or maybe a kind letter from your alma mater, asking how life is post-graduation (but really asking for donations). Whatever the case, receiving mail is one of those simple pleasures everyone enjoys – just not as often as they should.

It’s that holiday time of year again, and perhaps you’re wanting to send something more thoughtful for your loved ones than a hand-crafted Will Ferrell-style Elf meme on Facebook. Probably seems like too much effort, right? Trust us, it’s not. Meet JustGreet, a Vancouver-based startup spreading those little moments of snail-mail glee without requiring you to slog through wet leaves on your way to the nearest mailbox.


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