Intern Highlight: A Marketer In An Entrepreneurial World

Published on Thursday, August 11, 2016

Meet Lauren

Do what you’re passionate about— a cliché statement that still holds true for many people, especially for those wrapping up a degree and debating career possibilities.  For Lauren McLaughlin, a fifth year Sauder School of Business BCom student specializing in marketing and interested in the health food space, getting the position as the marketing intern for The Good Stuff was a dream.  Read on to learn about how Lauren applied her marketing skills to The Good Stuff as they underwent a complete rebrand.

 As a student, what are the top reasons you were attracted to entrepreneurship and particularly, social entrepreneurship.

 What drives me to have do my co-op term here was the fact that I can learn more about marketing in the entrepreneurial world. Marketing is a passion of mine that I really want to learn and know more about. Even though I am working at an entrepreneurship hub, I’m working as a marketing intern and I’ve been able to learn more about marketing plans, social media, analytics, and brand management while working here which I think is really cool.

 When I was picking my co-op term, I wanted a company that had a product I was interested in because I knew I would love my job more if it was a product that I thought was really cool.  I saw how The Good Stuff was promoting healthy living, a healthy lifestyle, healthy food and that was what I wanted to get behind.

What is your biggest win to date?

Probably the rebrand that The Good Stuff went through.  I did most of the website photography, a lot of influencer research to figure out which people we should talk to for blog posts, and created video content.  We also did a lot of brainstorming for the new company name, logo, colours, names for all our new smoothie flavours; it seems like something small but it took up a lot of work and time.  I’m proud of myself for being able to step up to the plate and take all these new photos and design all these new graphics— new flyers, new rack cards, new posters, and new banners.

I remember the first day I started working, Mike and Tonner (the co-founders of The Good Stuff) brought me in and said that they were planning to go through a rebrand and I was so excited about it— it’s like a marketing student’s dream to come into a company and be able to completely rebrand it from scratch.  It was amazing and so much fun.

 What’s the toughest challenge you’ve faced to date?

 For me, it’s been a time-organization problem; there hasn’t been a specific project that has been difficult but that there are so many projects and a matter of how can I get them all done to the best of my ability.  Things can always be done faster or better and there is always more to do— I could always be taking new photos or making new flyers or posting on social media more or reaching out to more influencers.  It seems like endless work and the difficulty I have is trying to time manage, pick my priorities, and know what’s most important and then getting those done as fast and as well as possible.

 Your turn – give a piece of advice for someone in your shoes next year wanting to be an intern at the iHub.

Know what you’re getting yourself into; know that it’s going to be a job that will take up more time than you think it will.  Make sure it’s a company you’re passionate about, a position you’re interested in, and make sure you get a good vibe from the entrepreneurs because you’re going to be working with them really closely for the next four months.  As an intern for them, you’re going to be making such a huge difference in their company so you want to be able to do the best job possible for them.

Interview conducted and written by: Amanda Bamford (Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub Marketing Intern)