Intern Highlight: 6 Interviews and 2 Roles Later

Published on Thursday, August 25, 2016

Intern Highlight: Amanda Bamford

You might have read a couple of intern highlights that we have showcased throughout the summer, and it’s now time to meet the creative mind behind these posts. Meet Amanda and she tells us what she got out of her internship experience here at e@UBC and the Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub.

1. You’ve interviewed 6 different interns working with different entrepreneurs. What are some key insights from your conversations with them?

All the interns I have interviewed and written about are all really light-hearted people they really just want to make a difference. They are people who don’t want to make money just for the heck of it. They are all super self-motivated, like the entrepreneur they are working for. I really enjoyed the experience of working with this cohort, and as a part of this group of intern, we learned different ways to work with the founders of the ventures. Though our roles and work might be different, the approach and mentality is all similar.

 2.  What brought you here this summer to work at the Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub?

From doing my undergraduate degree in commerce, I have started to learn more about the space, and I have been noticing that more people have been adopting a ‘save the world’ mentality. I am not a scientist, I might not be able to contribute in the same way as a researcher by coming up with discovering a brand new technology… but finding the iHub has been my way of getting involved with social entrepreneurship.

Some of my closest friends at Sauder have their whole life evolve around ‘doing good’ – and I think some of that rubbed off on me. My involvement with the ARC Initiative is definitely another avenue where I got exposed to the entrepreneurship space – I got to work with entrepreneurs that are devoted to helping themselves and their communities.

 3. What is your biggest lesson from working at the iHub?

Since I have been working in communications at the iHub, it really got me to think about my passion to be a writer. I enjoy writing, but I realized that I increasingly want to learn more about analytical thinking and the process to make critical decisions. On the flip side, I did get a taste of the analytical side from working with one of the startups at the iHub – I was involved in managing some of the marketing campaigns, I got to analyze their digital presence and apply it into their marketing strategy.

Having gotten a taste of both sides, I think I can survive without the writing component, but I need the analytical part to be engaged. Through this experience, I have decided to apply for co-op and I realize that I need work experience and hands-on experience to help me figure things out.

 4. Any words of advice you would like to give to be successful here?

One thing I would tell myself is that when I am in a startup, I want to be there 100%, of the time and it could make a huge difference within the company. But don’t give up on your life outside of work – do the absolute best you can today without sacrificing your best tomorrow. I had to remember to make time for people I care about.