Faber, e@UBC Venture, Joins Alchemist Accelerator

Published on Thursday, March 02, 2017


Big congrats to e@UBC venture, Faber, that has joined Bay Area accelerator, Alchemist. Before the team heads down to begin their new journey, we asked them about how they are feeling before the big move. 

1. What are you looking forward to most about joining the new Alchemist accelerator?

The Alchemist is known for a strong and large network of high-level mentors and advisors, and this is something our team is really looking forward to. The growth we will get from this will be very valuable for the company and team.

2. Tips for anyone that want to apply to get in the accelerator?

I think you need to have a certain level of traction within your startup. Proven market fit along with a consistent history (at least 4-6 months) of revenue is important. Also, knowing all your key metrics and your accurate TAM is vital.

3. Tell us a little about what Faber is hoping to achieve.

We want to improve the culture and landscape of the construction industry. Construction involves a lot of hard work and is a big and important part of our society. A lot of people in the construction industry are not always treated fairly or given the respect they deserve. There is also a lack of quality or specific skills and experience needed when trying to find the right worker. We want people on our platform and in construction to feel more appreciated, respected, and motivated. And we want to have more quality and skilled workers in our industry.

Faber allows for contractors to easily connect to construction workers through their mobile device. Our platform allows for more transparency and accountability on both sides through rating and reviews. We are providing fair wages and prices with the convenience of electronic payments.