e@UBC Welcomes 34 Innovative Companies into its 2017/2018 Venture Cohort

Published on Thursday, November 30, 2017

e@UBC Lean Launch Pad

(Vancouver, BC) November 30, 2017 – entrepreneurship@UBC (“e@UBC”), the venture accelerator at the University of British Columbia (UBC)  is pleased to welcome 34 new ventures into the 2017/2018 cohort of ventures. e@UBC provides programs and resources for UBC entrepreneurs, from ideation to funding, for those that are in the processed of developing their venture idea and working prototype.

Accepted ventures engage with e@UBC through a staged process, taking ventures from understanding their competitive landscape to working on validating their market and customers. Ventures that continue to progress through the staged process and will work towards acceptance into UBC’s technology incubator, HATCH.

“We are excited to welcome a very diverse and talented group of entrepreneurs to join us at e@UBC,” said Blair Simonite, Program Director, e@UBC. “Their ventures are great examples of innovation in human health, tech, and societal impact, and we are looking forward to helping them unleash their potential.”

For more information on our venture application process and to find out about the next intake, visit:

The 33 ventures were selected from a variety of industries and fields, with 14 ventures in Core Tech, 12 in Life Sciences, and 8 in Impact. The following ventures were accepted into the 2017/2018 cohort:

Core Tech

  1. SenseWeb Systems: SenseWeb Systems is an easy-to-install network of sensors that provides forest fire detection with high resolution and speed at a reasonable cost and very low maintenance.
  2. Tapp: For retailers who seek to optimize labour efficiency, Tapp is an application that better connects customers with in-store employees.
  3. Chilly Technologies: Chilly is for organizations with refrigerators, like laboratories/cafes/restaurants that need to conform to government health regulations. Our product is a temperature sensor installed in refrigerators that logs, records and alerts users of the temperature readings and adheres to health regulations.
  4. Flöka: Ai-supported, integrative health technology for women.
  5. Shop Floor Management System
  6. AwesomeCMS
  7. Daedalos School of Artificial Intelligence
  8. Tech Mock Interview
  9. IoT Gym: For the gym enthusiast who wants to get the most out of their workout. IoT Gym is a company that provides real-time tracking, workout tips and sharing capabilities to users.
  10. Outstrend Saas: For small business owners that feel stuck on growing their online presence, Outstrend is a digital marketing AI Assistant that provides a custom roadmap with a list of digital marketing priorities to increase ROI.
  11. MITHRA Solar solution
  12. RV Kit (Revive Kit): Revive Kit provides supplement pills that ease hangover symptoms, allowing them to enjoy drinking responsibly and with lessened impact on the next day productivity.
  13. Submersive Technologies
  14. Vortex Forge

Life Sciences

  1. ScopeSysScopeSys has developed a platform technology that makes it easy to perform research, development, and engineering at the level of single molecules, achieving the ultimate level of precision and control.
  2. 92 Medical: 92 Medical provides tools that enable single-operator real-time ultrasound image guidance so that clinicians can perform their punctures efficiently and accurately every time, with no radiation exposure.
  3. Reverie Baby: Reverie Baby designs products for new parents who experience sleep deprivation. The Reverie Smart Sleeper is the first all-in-one monitoring and soothing solution that can detect the sleep/wake state of an infant and respond automatically with a personalized soothing routine.
  4. Vesalius Cardiovascular: Vesalius Cardiovascular is developing a surgical implant capable of repairing mitral regurgitation, a major heart disease. The device will be delivered through the skin, eliminating the need for open-heart surgery.
  5. Social e Chat: Social e-chat is for people who are either nonverbal or minimally verbal that require the use of an Augmentative-Alternative Communication aide to express themselves. Social e-chat is a picture-based communication system, developed to adapt and progress with the individual user, while also keeping current with the linguistic and social growth that is naturally occurring within all spoken languages.
  6. Chirasep: Chirasep has developed a simple, bench-top technology, which allows optical isomers (known as enantiomers) of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals to be separated and purified. Unlike existing technology, the same tool is capable of producing materials, both on small scale for early discovery or large scale to supply production and manufacturing.
  7. Entrada: Entrada developed a platform that will help match individuals to studies in the recruitment phase, will bring patients hope and new therapeutic options and will help pharma to complete expensive studies faster, in order to bring medications to the marketplace.
  8. FraXure: The device is for orthopaedic officers working in hospitals in rural areas in low income countries to use to align and heal femur fractures. The device will fulfill the need for a more effective low resource treatment method as the current treatment method utilized, skeletal traction treatment, has many outstanding complications and challenges associated with it.
  9. GlycoRx
  10. AddBrain: AddBrain is developing an integrated solution to provide precise, personalized and cost-effective brain stimulation therapies for neuropsychiatric conditions as well monitoring technology for relapse prevention.
  11. C7Bio: C7bio is developing anti-cancer drugs that are selectively active  in the tumor microenvironment thus avoiding side-effects caused by toxicity to normal cells. The lead product is a DNA repair inhibitor that targets tumor cells resistant to radiation. We aim to improve cure-rates for childhood brain cancers as well as cancers of the head and neck.
  12. Pawsperity Biotechnology


  1. SiMBi: For elementary school teachers who want to improve student engagement and accountability in their classroom, our product SiMBi, an online reading app, motivates students to read, improves fluency, and gives teachers time saving insights.
  2. Tropikos: Tropikos creates innovative business solutions for mineral exploration and mining companies to maximize their positive socioeconomic and environmental impact.
  3. Bearded-Feminist: Bearded Feminist is a social movement that focuses on recruiting outstanding men to feminism.
  4. Hagensborg Chocolates Ltd.
  5. Calmura Natural Walls Inc.: Calmura Natural Walls is a factory produced high-performance wall system for residential projects that uses only natural, recyclable and long-lasting materials.
  6. Source My Garment Consulting
  7. Kanekta Technologies: For buyers seeking responsible alternatives, Kanekta is an online procurement platform that connects ethical brands and suppliers to B2B buyers across the globe. We make ethical sourcing easy, enabling businesses to make smarter, more impactful decisions throughout their supply chain.
  8. Brave Technology Coop: Real-time overdose alerts. For someone witnessing a heroin overdose, the Brave platform mobilizes a community of volunteer responders through an app, bringing tools and support to victims immediately, while recording and reporting real-time overdose data openly to the communities and stakeholders that need it.

About entrepreneurship@UBC

entrepreneurship@UBC (e@UBC) is the venture accelerator at the University of British Columbia (UBC). e@UBC provides programs and resources for UBC entrepreneurs, from ideation to funding. Resources range from entrepreneurial workshops, programs for market validation and business model development, access to Entrepreneurs-In-Residence, sector-specific industry mentors, to drop-in startup space. Since 2013, more than 800 venture ideas have been registered with e@UBC.