e@UBC Venture Case Study: Tangoo

Published on Wednesday, September 30, 2015


e@UBC Venture Case Studies is an ongoing series highlighting top ventures from our fully integrated programs. Check out more e@UBC ventures here.

A pocket concierge for a night out in Vancouver

Tangoo’s mission is to develop a simple way to plan unique real world experiences that create strong connections and meaningful memories. The company is becoming the nighttime concierge service provider for users and restaurants in Vancouver,  by suggesting restaurants and events based on a user’s personal preferences.


From left to right: Alex Guyenne (iOS Lead), Paul Davidescu (CEO), Cameron Stewart (Strategic Advisor), Chris Zakos (Product Manager)


The Tangoo team already had a product out in the market and were about to release version 2.0 to their customers, but needed to increase user growth and retention to better serve the restaurant market in Vancouver. Tangoo joined the e@UBC Accelerator program to test their key hypotheses about their customer segment – frequent restaurant goers in Vancouver.


The e@UBC Accelerator gave Tangoo a framework to connect their product development activities to their customers. The team interviewed over 40 users and worked with e@UBC Mentor David Sum to improve the Tangoo app and their marketing strategies.

“We’ve had better customer discovery processes and, as a result, more users and better retention because of the e@UBC Accelerator,” said Paul Davidescu, CEO of Tangoo

The Tangoo team was able to improve their product before it launched by actively using their feedback, resulting in increased user growth and retention.


Tangoo has raised initial investment funds from Vikram Vij, Manny Padda, and friends and family, and earned additional federal funds. The team has also received notable media coverage in VanCity Buzz and Global TV, and was named one of DigiBC’s Top 25 most innovative companies in BC in 2015. Tangoo plans to complete major marketing campaigns in the near future to grow their customer base, and raise additional investment to expand their services nationwide.