e@UBC Venture Case Studies

Published on Wednesday, October 14, 2015


The e@UBC Venture Case Studies highlights up and coming startups from UBC. The featured teams have participated in one of our fully-integrated programs, such as the e@UBC Accelerator, or have been mentored by one of our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence.

Tait Labs: Building New Drug Development Pathways

The Screw Cutter Project: Creating Certified Medical Devices for Hospitals in the Developing World

Sensible Building Science: Making Clean, Responsive Environments with Smart Buildings

DRIVE: Increasing Customer Loyalty for Restaurants

Arbutus Medical: Improving Bone Surgeries in the Developing World

Acuva: Shining a Light on Advanced Water Purifiers

Tangoo: A Pocket Concierge for a Night Out in Vancouver

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