e@UBC Team Wins IBM Design Award At Hacking Health 2016

Published on Wednesday, June 29, 2016

e@UBC Team Wins IBM Design Award

Revision to article: Docto has been rebranded to DiaBits.  To know more about DiaBits, please visit

What can an 8-week e-health design hackathon get you?

For Hacking Health, a hackaton tailored to e-health problems and solutions, it gets you 16 Projects, 98 Hackers, and for one participating e@UBC team, one pretty swell message from the VP of IBM Canada.

Amir Hayeri and his team, Docto, participated in Hacking Health 2016, a hackathon designed to create a more holistic and wider scope of solutions for healthcare.  There’s certainly a lot of ideation that can go on in 8 weeks.

Hacking Health begins with a process with pitches of healthcare problems presented by healthcare professionals.  Following that, teams are branched out from those problems, and then that’s when things start to get kicking. These newly formed teams will begin to work virtually in the 8-week timeframe to develop their solution.

Docto, a venture working out from the e@UBC space, is developing a software around predictive analytics for patients with Type I Diabetes . Docto is currently developing models for predicting negative events for children with Type I Diabetes – all done through integrating and analyzing data from activity trackers and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data.  Through the hackathon, they were able to make valuable connections with the scientific community and push the predictor part of their app to its limits. By integrating multiple data points, they were able to build a predictor model for the application that enables them to predict blood glucose fluctuations hours in advance with a small margin of error. Predicative analytics can help families and children with Type I diabetes to see negative fluctuations hours in advance and make informed treatment decisions to prevent Hypoglycemia crashes.

At Hacking Health, Docto won the IBM Design Award, and the award for the best patient app. While that all sounds very impressive, it certainly was even more rewarding to receive an encouraging and supportive email from the VP of IBM Canada, Shelly Gilberg, who reached out to the team to connect further on their progress of their pilot study. Amazing!

So what’s next for Amir and Docto? The team is going to pilot test the application and quantify its predictive ability’s with the help of BC children’s hospital in the coming months. They are currently looking for developers and pilot user’s to join their team or their pilot study. to find out more reach out to them directly.

Catch Amir’s presentation at Hacking Health right HERE.

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