e@UBC Seed Fund Invests In Microdermics – Hollow Microneedle Technology

Published on Friday, December 16, 2016


e@UBC Seed Fund is pleased to announce that it has made an investment in Microdermics Inc. – a Vancouver-based hollow microneedle technology company. Microdermics is developing a microneedle that is only one-tenth as wide as a syringe needle and practically painless. Using microfluidics and optics, the new device is designed to monitor levels of the antibiotic vancomycin without drawing blood. The company also designs, tests, and produces customized microneedles for the delivery of vaccines and therapeutics that will eliminate the reliance on traditional hypodermic needles.

Microdermics was most recently awarded the first prize at New Ventures BC 2016 Competition, the largest technology start-up competition in British Columbia. The venture completed the e@UBC Lean Launch Pad in October 2014 and currently part of the first cohort at HATCH, UBC’s on-campus incubator for tech ventures advancing to the stage of launching their businesses.

About Microdermics: 

Microdermics’ hollow microneedle platform provides a reliable, painless, and cost-effective means of delivering therapeutics and vaccines. Whereas traditional hypodermic needles inject into the blood, the microneedles inject into the skin, eliminating the pain and bleeding usually associated with receiving an injection.

About e@UBC Seed Fund:

The Seed Fund invests risk capital in new and innovative startups founded by UBC students, recent alumni, faculty and staff.  These early investments are key in helping our startups build momentum in their businesses and serves as a bridge to additional outside investment. The Seed Fund has been capitalized through the generous charitable contributions of UBC alumni and others. The Seed Fund has invested in 13 companies to date.