Energy Aware Launches Neurio on Kickstarter

Published on Saturday, October 19, 2013


Vancouver, BC – Oct 16, 2010 — Energy Aware announces the launch of Neurio, a revolutionary home intelligence product. Neurio monitors how much power homes and individual devices are using, learns how users interact with their homes, and enables the home to communicate with its owner, enhancing the real-time visibility and manageability of the appliances within it.

“Technology has changed many aspects of the way we live, but how we interact with our homes hasn’t evolved significantly since they became wired a century ago. For years, we have been plugging in devices and controlling them manually with switches, knobs, and buttons, and there’s a lot more that can be done to enhance our ability to manage our appliances and see them as part of the home’s ecosystem,” says Janice Cheam, President and CEO of Energy Aware Technology. “Imagine if your washing machine sent you a message when it was done, or if your oven sent a reminder if you forgot to turn it off. With Neurio, we are introducing the learning home. Neurio lets regular appliances take part in the smart home, learns our preferences, and interacts with us when necessary. The innovative technology and advanced algorithms in Neurio make this possible with a central sensor and a powerful online application.”

Neurio is a Wi-Fi power monitor and cloud-based platform that measures the home’s total power use and shows which appliance is using power – without having to install individual sensors at each appliance. Beta users have saved up to 44% off their energy bills by identifying what they should turn off or unplug.

“What makes Neurio exciting is that it offers something for everyone,” says Dr. Ali Kashani, VP Software for Energy Aware, “whether you’re simply looking to learn more about the state of your appliances and their cost to run, or you want to use Neurio to fuel your own home automation projects, Neurio gives you full access to your home’s power data.” Neurio has an open platform with a public API, so it can power new apps and integrate with third party systems designed to automate the home.

Neurio: Home Intelligence has launched on Kickstarter. By pledging to support the campaign, backers will be the first to receive Neurio. Go to for more information.

About Energy Aware

Energy Aware is a leading developer of hardware and software solutions for utilities in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Energy Aware is the winner of the BC Technology Industry Association’s Most Promising Startup Award, and has been featured in BC Business Magazine. The founding team consists of Janice Cheam, Colby Gore, Dr. Ali Kashani, and Jon Hallam.

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