Customer Validation

What is customer development?
“Very few startups fail for lack of technology. They almost always fail for lack of customers.” This article explains what customer development is, and why it is important for your startup.

Customer validation: Developing your business model
4 phases of validating your sales process and the assumptions that underpin your business model.

The Phantom Sales Forecast – Failing at Customer Validation
Steve Blank shares an example of a CEO who was “too ‘busy’ for to personally get involved in Customer Validation.”

The Customer Development Manifesto:
Part 1 – Reasons for the Revolution
Part 2 – More Reasons
Part 3 – The Death SpiralPart 4 – The Three Market Types
Part 5 – The Path of Warriors and Winners
In this 5-part series, Steve Blank describes how the failures of the Product Development Model led to the Customer Development Model.