Congratulations Accelerator Graduates!

Published on Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lean Launch Pad graduates getting mentored by Peter Briscoe in their last session

Congratulations to the teams graduating from the Lean LaunchPad Accelerator which wrapped up May 30. After five sessions, 397 interviews, 68 tested hypotheses, and countless napkin diagrams each team has come away with a solid understanding of the Lean Approach to company building and the process of validating their assumptions! A brief description and photo of each team can be seen below. 


General Cohort


  Commodities Shipping Database is a pricing platform for commodities trading companies. (Left to right: Kimble Mooney & Daniel Eberhard)
  Grapevine is pursuing an application for businesses in referral dependent industries that promotes, manages, tracks and analyzes referrals through a business dashboard. (Matt Parson, missing: Barney Tong)
  Monkey Mind Meditation provides courses and learning infrastructure to deliver mindfulness programs for individuals and organizations. (Left to right: William Koty, Charlie James, & Gary Bello).
  Prongineer R&D has developed a proprietary process that converts organic wastes into premium organic fertilizer, reusable water, and biogas. (Left to right: Lucy Bai (guest member), Patrick Tsao, & Babak Rezania)
  Rightovers is a social networking platform that allows individuals to connect and co-operate with neighbours to eat healthier and save money. (Left to right: Todd Lajeunesse & Dylan MacDonald)
  Target Tape is an adhesive grid reference used in surgical procedures to enhance accuracy and improve surgical outcomes. (Left to right: Colin ONeill & Nick Seto)

The Calendar is an online social networking and event listings platform that aggregates and curates local event listings to help users connect with the community around them. (Robert Morton & Corina Santema. Missing: Josh Morgan)




Forest genetics company that sequences DNA

Blast-seq Canada is commercializing the application of DNA fingerprinting technology in the Canadian forestry, aquaculture, and agriculture sectors by setting up a genotyping service laboratory in Vancouver. (Judith Bosire & Timothy Sexton)

Synthetic Biology and Biochemistry

MetaMixis is providing a way to transform or modify lignin to add value to an otherwise low-value abundant natural resource. (Keith Mewis & Dominique Williams)

Designing a device to measure Parkinson's Disease

Pendulum is developing a device that objectively measures the severity and monitors the progression of Parkinson’s disease. (Left to right: Daniel Terpstra, Ahmad Ash, & James Little)

Photo Unavailable

Quit is testing a device and mobile app that measures the health effects of smoking in order to assist customers who want to quit or monitor their smoke intake. (Maziyar Jalaaal & Ramin Khoie)


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