Congrats to the Teams Graduating from the Genomics & Life Sciences Accelerator

Published on Wednesday, March 25, 2015


“No business plan survives first contact with customers” – Steve Blank

genomics.entrepreneurship@UBC and entrepreneurship@UBC just wrapped up another cohort, giving eight Genomics and Life Sciences teams the jumpstart they need to make an impact with their ideas. After 309 interviews and 10-20 invalidated hypotheses, these ventures are ready to take the next step on their startup journey.

The Lean LaunchPad Accelerator program helps teams with innovative venture ideas to greatly improve the odds of building a successful venture. Participants will apply an evidence-based approach to developing their new venture by generating business model hypotheses, testing those with end users and others in the ecosystem, and validating, eliminating, or pivoting hypotheses.

Apply for the next cohort starting April 13th 2015 by registering your venture and applying in the Venture Dashboard.

Stay tuned for another LLP in late May 2015!