Attend the Social Innovation Jam: In collaboration with UBC Social Enterprise Club

Published on Thursday, January 25, 2018

social innovation

Have a social impact venture? The Innovation Jam offers you a free strategy session to improve the performance and growth of your venture. Register for the opportunity to have your venture featured, please complete this brief form here.

Venture Brief

Innovation Jam is a collaboration between the UBC Social Enterprise Club and entrepreneurship@UBC which provides an opportunity for creative students to interact and collaborate with an impact-related venture and to apply the tools and skills learned in class to real world challenges. This event is not only a platform to bring together students who are passionate about social and environmental change, but it is also an opportunity for start-ups to gain different perspectives on the current challenges faced by their company, as well as obtaining potential ideas for its growth. The students participating in this event come from diverse backgrounds and faculties, offering unique sets of skills to brainstorm creative solutions and strategies for the ventures.

Ventures may come to Innovation Jam with a challenge in mind that they’d like a solution for; or, they may also come to brainstorm and strategize ways to improve the performance and growth of their venture. The ultimate goal is for students and ventures to help each other grow. The students will get to interact and work one-on-one with professionals and experience the problem-solving process ventures face. In return, ventures will get to pick the brains of bright university students, find potential interns, and tap into the large and influential student body at UBC.

If your venture ends up participating in the Innovation Jam, we’ll be asking you to prepare a 3-5 min introduction to provide some background to the attendees. This may include who you are, why you decided to start your own venture, and what the journey has been like. There is no need to for visual components to complement the brief introduction, however if you’ll be needing any, we ask you to send it to before 5pm on February 14, 2018.