Apply to Cansbridge Fellowship for an International Intership

Published on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Cansbridge Fellowship is a global community of entrepreneurial minded, risk taking, and adventurous students and professionals who support each other in developing new and existing ventures both personally and professionally. There are currently 61 Cansbridge Fellows from seven graduating classes across Canada, living in cities across the world, including Hong Kong, San Francisco, Singapore, Boston, and London. Fellows find themselves employed in a wide range of opportunities, from larger companies, to startups, to starting their own companies. If you are a driven, entrepreneurial student ready for an adventure to position yourself for a high-growth career, apply to the Cansbridge Fellowship today.

Undergraduate students can join the fellowship by taking part in the Asia Internship Program. Once complete, they help grow the fellowship by supporting future fellows and contribute to adding value to an interconnected, entrepreneurial network of business leaders.

Internship in Asia

The entrance to the Fellowship is the internship. Here you will spend a minimum of 10 weeks in Asia working at a firm in Asia where we provide you with a stipend of $6,000. Finding an internship is not easy, and you will be paired with a current fellow who will help guide you through the process; however, the internship search is your responsibility. As well we provide the resources of the entire fellowship to help guide you in your internship search. We ensure that you find a company that you feel comfortable accepting and is considered safe. The interns learn how to take intelligent risks through this internship, and grow themselves personally in order to be ready to take on any career or personal challenge when they graduate. This is an experience interns do not forget, and one that will be anything but conventional (with respect to North American standards).

For more information, please visit the Cansbridge website.