Apply Now! Fall 2016 Lean Launch Pad Accelerator Programs

Published on Thursday, August 18, 2016

LLP MAY 2016

This fall, we are excited to offer two streams of our popular LLP accelerator program:

  1. Core Venture Stream
  2. Social Venture Stream

Why should you apply for the LLP Program? 

The overall goals of the accelerator program are to help you fine-tune your business idea or technology, and reduce the barriers that stand between you and bringing it to life. The program invites you to work through the challenging process of testing and validating your business idea in a way that’s approachable, effective, and road-tested by a growing community of UBC entrepreneurs like you.

Application deadline: October 2, 2016

You have a venture idea that you are serious in pursuing. Which stream is better for you?

Read both of these links to get a feel of which stream is more relevant to your venture. Click to find out more about the CORE VENTURE STREAM and the SOCIAL VENTURE STREAM.

Questions? Email us at:

Want to learn more about e@UBC first before applying?

We will be doing Information sessions until the application deadline closes. Check out our Events page for when the next session is. Also, read more about our Accelerator Program.

Want to APPLY NOW?

For new ventures that have not registered with e@UBC before:

  1. Go this page, and click “Register Your Venture”
  2. Once you have created an account, you can register your venture in your e@UBC Dashboard, or join your team’s venture in our database
  3. After you have registered or joined a venture, you will find the ‘”Lean Launchpad Application” in your e@UBC Dashboard. Click there and you can submit your application

For ventures that are already registered with e@UBC:

  1. In your e@UBC Dashboard, you will find the ‘”Lean Launchpad Application”. Click there and you can submit your application