Apply for CleanTech Funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Published on Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) supports cleantech initiatives addressing clean air, soil, water and climate change issues. SDTC has two different funds that are currently accepting applications:

The SD Tech Fund™ supports projects that address climate change, air quality, clean water and clean soil. The Government of Canada has allocated a total of $915 million for the fund.

The SD Natural Gas Fund™, an offshoot of the SD Tech Fund, supports the development and demonstration of new downstream natural gas technology. It is the first of a series of Market Innovation Funds™, where funds from industry are matched by SD Tech Fund money, to foster sector-specific cleantech solutions. It is a collaboration with the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) including up to $15 million from both CGA and the SD Tech Fund™.

With the help of the SD Tech Fund and SD Natural Gas Fund, projects can get into the market more easily. Apply for either fund to win financial support for your cleantech or natural gas project. Learn more and apply by October 14.