Entrepreneurship@UBC (e@UBC) is UBC’s venture accelerator. If you are a committed and driven entrepreneur working on a start-up opportunity, e@UBC provides a wealth of resources and support dedicated to helping you build your venture. e@UBC offers entrepreneurial workshops, programs for market validation and business model development, mentorship, and startup space to help UBC entrepreneurs improve the odds of creating a successful venture. Select high potential ventures may be invited into e@UBC’s Venture Builder program for intensive guidance from an executive in residence and the potential for funding by the e@UBC Seed Fund.
Entrepreneurship@UBC programs and resources are available to UBC-related startups. “UBC-related” means at least one of the founders of the startup must be a UBC student, faculty, staff, or recent alumna/alumnus (up to 5 years from graduation). If in doubt about your eligibility, give us a call!
Entrepreneurship@UBC is located at the heart of the main UBC campus, in the Graham Lee Innovation Centre on the lower level of the Robert H Lee Alumni Centre.
UBC is one of the largest centres of research and innovation in Western Canada, and as a result the University is an advocate for knowledge mobilization within and across educational disciplines. The University recognizes that an increasingly important way to accelerate knowledge mobilization and link research to business and community is to train the next generation of entrepreneurs. UBC has invested in programs that cultivate and support the entrepreneurial spirit within its students, faculty, staff and alumni.
Entrepreneurship@UBC is funded by UBC, government agencies, generous donors, and sponsors. We provide e@UBC programs and services to UBC ventures at no cost (for info about the e@UBC Seed Fund see below). While there is no dollar cost to you, we have high expectations for the ventures we work with. Building a venture is highly rewarding, and it is also very hard work. We manage our investment of time into ventures in terms of their depth of commitment, the ability to work effectively with EIRs and mentors, the desire to contribute to UBC entrepreneurial community building, and of course the potential of the venture itself.
Simply register with e@UBC and book into an orientation session. We’ll learn about your venture, and you will learn about e@UBC’s services and how to get started by booking time with an entrepreneur in residence.
Entrepreneurship@UBC reports to the VP Research & International, and provides its services to all UBC students, faculty, staff and recent alumni from any faculty, department, or affiliate. e@UBC has a strategic partnership with the Sauder School of Business, where some of the best entrepreneurship educators in the business develop and deliver e@UBC’s educational programs such as the Lean Launchpad. e@UBC has also partnered with other faculties such as Applied Science to embed dedicated entrepreneurs in residence into the faculty.
The BC Technology Industry Association is a close e@UBC partner. We share industry mentors, programs, and best practices. At the BCTIA Centre for Growth on Great Northern Way the BCTIA generously provides dedicated startup space to e@UBC teams that we select for their high potential.
The e@UBC Seed Fund provides funding to high potential UBC ventures, using common commercial financing structures and terms. Typically, ventures are recommended for introduction to the Seed Fund by an e@UBC entrepreneur in residence who will help you learn to become “investor ready.”
You can apply for the LLP Accelerator through your Venture Dashboard once you have registered with e@UBC. For more details on the LLP, see here. We generally schedule one LLP in the fall, and two or three LLP sessions in the spring. Since there are usually many more applications than there are spaces available, we recommend that you work with an EIR through Open Office to prepare you for the LLP. Applications that come with an EIR recommendation are given priority for spaces in the LLP.
Absolutely. If you intend to work on your venture full time, we can put you on the right path with programs such as the Lean Launchpad, and help you to build an effective venture team with the roles and skillsets that are critical for success. If instead you want your idea out in the world but your main focus will continue at the university, then we can facilitate the creation of an experienced founder team that will do the hard work of building a business.
e@UBC’s Impact Venture stream, in partnership with Sauder S3I and Coast Capital iHub, is designed for impact-driven organizations that focus on important local and global challenges with a strong emphasis on maximizing positive impact in areas such as social, health, and environment. In the Impact Venture stream teams discover and validate a business model that can achieve the purpose-driven mission while fueling financial sustainability and growth of the venture. Facilitators and mentors include entrepreneurs and executives that have experience working with impact-focused organizations. Successful impact ventures may be considered for an impact investment from the e@UBC Seed Fund.