Taking Applications for Spring Accelerator

Published on Friday, March 14, 2014

Lean LaunchPad based workshop for UBC teams in the Customer Discovery Stage

e@UBC’s Lean LaunchPad Accelerator Program helps you validate a business opportunity using the Lean LaunchPad process. Through 5 sessions, and 20-30 hours’ investment of your own time in between each session, you and your team members will use the business model canvas to develop and validate a scalable and repeatable business model.

Program Details:

When: Apr 25 to May 30
(meeting 4 hours 8am to noon on each of Fri Apr 25, Fri May 9, Fri May 16, Fri May 23 and Fri May 30)

Who: UBC-related venture teams (selected from e@UBC-registered teams who have submitted a complete application)

Important Dates:

  • Mar 27 at noon to 1:00pm Open House: Attend our Open House to learn more about the Accelerator Program. Speak with e@UBC and Sauder Lean LaunchPad
    facilitators. Map to Wayne & William White Engineering Design Centre.
  • Apr 4 at 5pm - Applications Due: Deadline for submission of online applications.
  • Apr 11 - Team Presentations/Interviews: Up to 10 teams will be shortlisted for 10-minute presentations/interviews with the e@UBC executive. All team members must attend.
  • Apr 14 - Notification: Teams will be notified by email of their acceptance into the cohort. Terms of engagement will be included.
  • Apr 25 from 8am to noon: Accelerator Program Begins: First LLP Accelerator Program session.


A cohort of up to 10 teams will be selected to participate. Each team consists of 2-5 people, including at least 1 member of the UBC community (faculty, staff, student, recent alum), which has registered a venture idea with e@UBC. If you haven’t already, please register your venture and see instructions below to apply for the Accelerator Program.

To Apply:

Applications consist of a completed Application PowerPoint slide deck (download template here) uploaded via our online application form.

Access the application form and upload your slide deck by clicking here. Please only upload your completed Powerpoint slide deck.

Useful material to prepare your application and to prepare for the program:

The Program:

You’ll conduct 50-100 interviews in your industry ecosystem, pursuing the customer discovery and validation process. You’ll create an expansive network of valuable contacts in your industry.  You’ll develop a defensible business model you can take to potential customers, business partners and investors.

Each session you’ll come together with the other teams in your cohort and the mentor panel in a “flipped classroom” setting; you and your team will present the evolution of your business model, and our seasoned facilitators and mentors will challenge your assumptions and findings throughout the process. In between sessions, you and your team will be getting “out of the building” and interviewing potential customers, competitors and partners, refining and honing a business model that you, and more importantly, potential customers and investors can believe in.

Program Cost:

No cost to successful teams: e@UBC covers the costs at approximately $5,500 per team. We require a significant investment of your time and commitment. Failure to meet this commitment will result in ejection from the program.


This is not a theory or textbook course. The Accelerator Program is about engagement: engaging with your industry ecosystem, your peers in your cohort, and your mentors. Past experience tells us that you and your team will spend 20-30 hours per week between sessions as you progress through the Lean LaunchPad Accelerator Program.

We expect your entire team to:

  • attend every session, and
  • complete and document at least 10 interviews between sessions

Failure to meet these expectations will result in ejection from the program.

You may find the environment abrupt and confronting. However, start-up companies operate in an abrupt, fast-paced, and chaotic environment; the Accelerator Program emulates this.

What is Lean LaunchPad?:

Lean LaunchPad combines start-up methods and techniques developed by a number of entrepreneur thought leaders and popularized by Steve Blank, a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur. The Lean LaunchPad process provides would-be company founders the tools to identify, validate and substantiate new business opportunities. e@UBC has incorporated the teachings of Steve Blank’s Lean LaunchPad program into the Accelerator Program.

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